I s there racial inequality in Frederick County schools

ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force has found that in school districts across the country, Black and Hispanic students are, on average, less likely to be selected for gifted programs and take AP courses than their white peers. They are also more likely, on average, to be suspended and expelled. Read more about this disparity and see how Frederick County ranks in this study . ​​​​

Candidates for County Council, County Executive 
​and Board of Education Respond

​​The Government and Political Affairs Committee of the Frederick Branch of the NAACP recently prepared a list of questions for candidates running for the Office of County Executive, Board of Education and the County Council. While the Frederick Branch does not endorse one candidate over another, it does feel it's important for voters to be aware of key issues in this upcoming election that may influence their choices." ​​​​​​​​ Read more .

Mayor names panel to review minority business plan. 

Mayor Michael O’Connor has invited a group of Frederick residents, business owners and community leaders that includes Willie Mahone, President of the Frederick County NAACP to serve on a panel tasked with reviewing and reporting on the effectiveness of the city's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise plan. As reported in the Frederick News Post, creation of the panel marks the first step in efforts to bring the city into compliance with its disadvantaged business enterprise plan, elements of which have gone unfulfilled since the plan was enacted 22 years ago. ​ Read more .

Proof is in the pudding for city's minority contracting. 

Recently obtained data reveals that of 862 City of Frederick employees, 98 (11%) are African American, while African Americans constitute 17.8% of the city population. While a few of the city's departments meet or exceed parity in the number of African American employees, fifteen departments with five or more employees have absolutely NO African American employees.  Most noticeably, the Mayor’s Office has nine (9) employees, with NO African Americans. Read more .

Seminar studies education issues of ethnic minority students. 

The Frederick County NAACP Chapter held it's first of an anticipated series regarding education issues of ethnic minority students. The initial presentation was held at Asbury United Methodist Church and was well attended. Topics included The Disproportionate Out of School Suspensions of Ethnic Minority Students and Hiring and Retention of Minority Teachers/Staff.
  Learn more why we also recommend a moratorium on suspensions of minority students  .

Place a moratorium on suspensions of minority students

Frederick County Public Schools are “still grappling with equity” in relation to the suspension of “students coming from poverty, minority backgrounds and receiving special education.” While non-white students make up only 39 percent of the student population, they account for more than 56 percent of out-of-school suspension is in the 2016-2017 school year. Read more .
Together, we can be a game changer in Frederick County.
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